Kóngur frá Kjartansstöðum
IS2005187341 - CAN2112

Total: 7.55

Tolt Away Farm

Kóngur frá Kjartansstöðum is a 4+ gaited stallion. He was shown 4 -gaited.

He has produced both – four and five gaited offspring equally. Many of them very pretty, taller horses. Some of the geldings will be available on our for sale page very soon.

In the Icelandic Studbook of North America Kóngur is listed at the top position for proportions and second position for back and croup and he ranks fourth position for gallop.

He is well raised, co-operative and eager to learn. He is a lot of fun to ride as he is a brave young stallion with tons of tolt. His many foals can be seen at the farm and most of them have been evaluated at young horse shows.

Kóngur is available for breeding at our farm and/or Kóngur can be leased out to other Icelandic Horse farms. His bloodlines are certainly interesting to any breeder – if you are interested to purchase him, please make us an offer.

We do not offer AI.

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