Stud service

Stud service for your registered Icelandic mare is provided as well with our Kóngur frá Kjartansstöðum. He is amongst the Top 10 Blup scoring stallions in North America. Kóngur is listed at the top position for back and croup. See the 2013 Studbook.

Our second stallion will be available for breeding in the 2017 season: Tristan from Birkenlund Icelandics. His breeder is Barbara Frische a well know breeding judge. He is 5 gaited with lots of natural tolt and clear separated gaits. His first foal will be available to see early summer 2017. We are very exited about this young stallion.

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Kongur fra Kjartanstodum

Kóngur frá Kjartansstöðum is a 4+ gaited stallion. He was shown 4 -gaited. He has produced both – four and […]

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Tristan from Birkenlund Icelandics

Tristan is still young, but he will be offered for stud service in the 2017 season. His first foal can […]