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EQUES Sella Plus

Out of soft,durable calf leather it has a non slippery effect for the seat of the rider.
The front part of the saddle is a little bit raised with latex and therefore has the slightly lifting effect of an extra cushion in the front of the saddle.

The saddle is suitable also for horses with a shorter back.

The Sella PlUS is designed with a large plane to distribute the weight of the rider evenly on the horse’s backs.
The knee cushions are on the outside of the saddle to give the rider better support.
The seat is kept fairly flat and you will feel close contact to your horse.
With the flexible tree it fits well on the horses backs and with the ex-changable gullets it will be a custom fit for your horse.

It comes with a red gullet.

For most adults we recommend the 17.5″ seat (unless you have a tiny behind) This is usually the size we do have in stock.

It is also available in 16″, 16½”, 17″ (Special Order, please allow several weeks for production and delivery)

You can also request extra rings to be put onto the back of the saddle to attach your saddle bag or a jacket.

Please enquire ,if you need this, we may have one in stock.


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