Front Raise Gel Pad


Front Raise Gel Pad

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This pad is out of soft, formable material. The front of the pad is thicker to raise the saddle in front for additional freedom of the withers. It aids to keep the saddle in place.

It can be used ” straight” on the horses back or on top of a cotton pad. It has thinner middle part which aids in having no pressure on the spine – this just in the front part as the back is much thinner to accommodate the raised front.

The pad aids comfort to the horse and if need be it can be cut down to fit a smaller saddle. The wholes in it let the air through for added comfort.

It is easy to clean by rinsing it off with water. Measures  approximately  width 17 1/2″  front –  width 13 3/4  back part    /  length  21″



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