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Being Icelandic Horse enthusiasts ourselves, we soon found that there is not much tack around to suit our and our horses needs. A regular tack shop does not do the trick for us and so we decided to open a tack shop that focuses on Icelandic Horses. Although our products are designed for Icelandic Horses, you will find that most are also suitable for other breeds.

Tack Shop: Erhard at the Mane Event in Red DeerTack Shop: Erhard at the Mane Event in Red Deer

Having a strong background in the leather industry, we are now producing our own line of tack that we run under the brand name Tolt-Line. Our objective with Tolt-Line is to produce both beautiful and functional tack.

We also offer a variety of Ice-Line products.

With the versatility of the Icelandic breed in mind, we now offer a small variety of tack and other horse accessories in various sizes. We also carry the famous G-Boots in all different weights. These Boots have been used for years in training of Icelandic Horses in Europe. We will be adding more products in the future, so stay tuned.