Sula fra Fitjamyri – stunning mare

Sula is an extremely pretty Icelandic Mare – awarded 1 prize for conformation. FEIF CA2002201686

She is a nice 4 gaited mare, clear gaits with a nice tolt. Forward going, friendly mare, but not a total beginner horse. Suitable also for you local competitions.

Sula loves to go out on trails and also enjoys arena work.
Everywhere she goes she turns heads by her looks.

Sula’s foals are very pretty young horses and she had no foaling issues ever.

No health issues. Trailers fine and is good with the farrier.

Born May 2, 2002
Dam Idunn fra Fitjamyri
Sire Flugar fra Skalakoti
Color chestnut with 2 tone mane
Type Mare
Height 13.1 - 135 cm