Lif frá Hraukbæ

Lif would be a nice companion horse for a lonely Icelandic somewhere. We are looking for a place where she can retire for good.

Lif is not a riding horse, This not to health reasons, but severe mistakes in the training she received in Iceland in the olden days. We had her as a broodmare, but she is retired now.

Lif has been a great mother to several foals.( See pictures). She has a luscious mane and good feet. She has always been a healthy horse.

Temperament wise she is on the shy side and needs a while to trust you.

The pictures are
1. Lif with her foal Lisa
2. Daughter Lukka
3. Son Lýttir

This Hördur frá Kolkuósi grand daughter was born in Iceland. She has no exzema.

Born 1990
Dam Drottning frá Hraukbæ
Sire Sokki frá Kolkuósi
Color Bay Pinto
Type Mare